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We believe as rational human beings we must accept the ultimate responsibility to leave future generations with a safe and sound environment and a world that has not been depleted of its resources


Fundamentals of Recycling
The recycling business is based on firm fundamentals and driven largely by economics. The economic factors of secondary commodities markets are diametrically opposed to traditional economic theory, or to say it differently the economics are in reverse.

Waste Exchange Network
If your business is a generator of waste or by-products and you wish to recycle part or all of your waste stream you may use the Waste Exchange service to find a local recycler for your materials and achieve waste reduction.
Find a market for your waste materials today.

Waste Exchange Network

Recycling Marketplace
If you wish to buy or sell recyclable materials please check-out the extensive list of materials and add your own inquiry to connect with waiting buyers & sellers.
GRN.com is a neutral platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect.

Recycling Discussion Group
Please feel free to ask your recycling questions or add you comments to The 4R's Forum, an open recycling discussion group established to exchange thoughts and ideas related to Waste Recycling, Materials Recovery and Secondary Commodities

4R's Forum

The 4 R's
The The 4 R's is a broad approach to Eco Conservation & Recycling as a viable alternative to waste disposal. The 4 R's efforts attempt to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and then Recover whatever remains.

Multi-Year Spot Market Price

Secondary Commodity Prices
The Multi-Year Spot Market Price Summary is an annual price summary of the historical high, low and yearly average of the spot market prices by specific grade of material.

Recycling Offset Credits - ROCs

Recycling Offset Credits - ROCs

The Recycling Offset Credits program (ROCs) is a method to measure actual tons of material recycled. When materials are recycled by ROC Participants, RecycleNet awards a Recycling Offset Credit for each ton of material recycled. The ROCs (Recycling Offset Credits) may be redeemed for a certificate verifying the accumulated tonnage recycled.
Report your Materials

Climate Change

Climate Change

The scope of Climate Change covers a broad spectrum of topics including global warming, your carbon footprint, carbon offset credits and general clean, green sustainable living.
Join in on the Climate Change Discussion

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